Jeff Koyen leaves the New York Press

The former editor of the Prague Pill is now the former editor of the New York Press. I’ve enjoyed and admired Jeff Koyen’s volatile in-yer-face take-no-prisoners style ever since I stumbled across his online version of Crank years ago and I’m glad to see that he hasn’t changed a bit.

In fact, he’s hardened to the point of being able to go toe-to-toe with Howard Stern. You can listen to the discussion here, courtesy of the WFMU blog. Personally, I feel that Stern comes across as a goddamn whinger, supported by his crew of shirt-lifting Yes-folk.

This week Jeff is guest-editing urban travel guide Gridskipper, where he’ll be covering such topics as Prague, drug use, drug use in Prague, cheap hostels, cheap transportation, offbeat art projects, why the Pope is a bad old manā?? and lots more.

Mar 21, 20:51 (Filed under: People )

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