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With all the organising, translating, writing, rehearsing, and tax filing I’ve been handling, I haven’t really had the chance to relax for the last week. Finally, at 1 a.m. this Monday morning, I’ve got a bit of time to feed this dogā??

Last Thursday, Jitka and I went to the Komercni Banka on Spalena. I’ve got a business account, so I had the pleasure of going to see the clerks upstairs, where the service is faster and friendlier. Jitka is going to upgrade in a few weeks, but for the time being has to deal with the somewhat surlier and far slower service that personal account customers get on the ground floor.

On this particular day, service was even slower than usual. One clerk was chatting with an elderly couple that we reckoned were his parents, another was gabbing on the phone. After a good twenty minutes of waiting and loud comments, Jitka got the bank manager’s attention and told her that all she wanted was to pick up her cash card. The manager was very friendly, smiled a lot, but seemed really nervous as she got a clerk to serve Jitka (this was not done without a bit of griping from the clerk).

Then I saw about eight uniformed police officers walk out of a room under the stairwell that leads up to the business account area. Turns out the bank had been robbed while Jitka and I were sitting in the personal account section and bitching about being ignored. Supposedly the robber simply pointed a gun at a teller, got her to fill a bag and walked out of the bank with no fuss and no muss.

It made Friday’s news on TV Praha, a local cable-access station. At the time of the report, no arrests had been made, and I won’t be surprised if none are ever made. When I tried to find something about the robbery on the web, I came across this article in the Prague Post, written in September of last year.

While I consider Jitka and myself lucky, I wasn’t as alarmed or upset as I probably should have been. Also, I’m not surprised that “Czech bank robbers tend to be less violent than in other European countries.”

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